How it works

Many companies believe video conferencing is an expensive, complex system for large companies with equally large IT departments, but setting up our Lifesize system doesn’t require immense technical knowledge. You simply need to connect a camera to TV and the internet, connect to your LifeSize Cloud account and within minutes your business can have all the smooth video conferencing capability of the big players, at a fraction of the cost and effort.

Our system is so simple use that just about anyone in your company will be able to operate it, with our simple touch screen controls and six button Heads Up remotes.

Video Logic has extensive experience setting up video conferencing solutions for any business size, with a quality so high, it is on par, or even better than the expensive costly systems of your competitors.

Using Lifesize, you get simple solutions for one-touch video calls that connect your conference room to the world. Watch our videos and see how video conferencing works.

That’s the connected experience, and here’s how it works.

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