Lifesize Icon 400 – Video Conferencing Condensed

The Icon 400 from Lifesize is a new small form-factor video conferencing solution designed to bring the power of video collaboration to small meetings.

Utilising a small form-factor assembly with codec and PTZ camera in a combined unit, the Icon 400 delivers an unparalleled Connected Experience in a format perfectly suited to huddle rooms and any area where small teams collaborate.

Icon 400 – the Connected Experience

Like all systems in the Icon series, the Lifesize Icon 400 will operate as a standalone SIP and H.323 video conferencing endpoint but the power is only truly un-leasehed when connected to Lifesize Cloud .

When used in conjunction with Lifesize Cloud, the Icon 400 delivers a powerful and robust set of call capabilities including seamless call escalation, managed directory, virtual meeting rooms, simple provisioning and more.

Small form, Full Features

Just because the Lifesize Icon 400 is a small form-factor unit does not mean is is small on features. Despite not offering all the features of some bigger systems on the market, you do get the following:

  • 3x Optical zoom Pan-Tilt and Zoom camera coupled with a 2x digital zoom for a total of 6x zoom capabilities.
  • Single HDMI / digital display support
  • Support for either Lifesize Digital MicPod or Lifesize 2nd Gen Phone for audio
  • Physical HDMI Presentation port for connecting a PC
  • IP and serial control / integration (via USB-serial)
  • Streaming and Recording via Lifesize UVC Video Centre.
  • 1080p/30 High definition video.

The small form factor coupled with the 3x camera which is optimised for small areas allows you to install the Icon 400 into smaller areas such as break-out rooms, huddle rooms, smaller meeting rooms and even in work from home scenarios. 

Seeing is believing

Seeing really is believing, organise a free demonstration of the Lifesize Icon 400 today

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