Lifesize Icon 600

Key Benefits

  • Fully integrated, hd audio digital micpod and HD audio conference phone
  • Can be paired with Life Size Cloud (with subscription)
  • Record and share meetings
  • Shared directories and call escalation functionailty – up to 100,000 directory entries
  • Automatic software updates
  • HD Camera (1080p)
  • HD Monitors
  • Life Sized Phone HD
  • Can connect up to two displays at once
  • Easy to Operate touchscreen for video and audio functions
  • Wall mountable

High technology without complexity makes Life Size Icon 600 ideal for any office. It has a simplified remote and touchscreen interface to make operating the system easy for anyone in your business. It is as easy to use as making a call from your mobile phone.

High definition audio visual capabilities make participants feel like they are in the same room, creating a more collegiate atmosphere and a more productive working environment, with automatic software updates to keep it running smoothly always.

The Life Size 600 is perfect for larger meeting rooms, and with clear sound quality and HD video, you will feel like you are all in the same room.

When you also subscribe to our Lifestyle Cloud, it is a seamless experience, which gives you one of the most powerful video conferencing solutions on the market today. 

Seeing is believing

Seeing really is believing, organise a free demonstration of the Lifesize Icon 600 today

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