Lifesize Icon 800

Key Benefits

  • Connect multiple video devices (PTZ cameras, laptops, MP3s or DVRs)
  • Four Full HD Video inputs plus two HD video outputs
  • Secure connectors for server racks
  • Two USB points
  • Touchscreen display
  • Internal Power Supply
  • Locking rear connectors
  • Can support very long cables (61 metres) with lInk adapter (included)
  • Integrates with existing third party video conferencing and networking solutions
  • Can support up to two displays
  • Fully integrated HD audio phone
  • Heads Up remote control with multi-language support
  • Call escalation facility
  • Calendar and meeting directory support along with 100,000 directory entries
  • Internet interface

Perfect for auditoriums and large meeting spaces, the Life Size Icon 800 delivers a state of the art conferencing experience that will wow participants. With the ability to connect multiple video, audio and camera devices, meetings can become a full cinema experience that will leave participants impressed and inspired.

Even with four full HD inputs, and two HD outputs plus USB points, MP3 capability, camera, laptop and DVR functionality, the Lifesize Icon 800 is simple to use with a six button intuitive Heads Up Remote.

Included with the Lifesize Icon 800 system is the link adapter to support extra large cables for expansive spaces.

The lifestyle Icon 800 readily integrates with most systems with industry standard servers, podium or rack-mount spaces. 

Seeing is believing

Seeing really is believing, organise a free demonstration of the Lifesize Icon 800 today

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