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Anywhere Logic

Our Anywhere service permits video conferencing anywhere, any time on almost any mobile device, giving you the greatest flexibility to participate in video conference calls and truly brings video conferencing solutions to the mass market.

With the ability for 1080p HD desktop video conferencing on PCs and Macs, coupled with up to 720p mobile video conferencing on iPhones, iPads, Android Phones and Android Tablets, Video Logic’s Anywhere service is a truly mobile video conferencing solution that allows you to extend your workforce and keep connected.

Both desktop and mobile clients have full compatibility with standards-based room video conferencing systems, offering the highest level of integration to new and existing video conferencing environments, and allowing you to extend your video conferencing footprint to include staff, partners and customers.

Anywhere Logic – how it works

With support for more than 50 devices including PCs, Macs, Android and iOS devices, the Anywhere service, delivered on ClearSea (link to what this is), enables your workforce to communicate with your enterprise more efficiently from their own devices, delivering ease of use for employees and increased productivity for companies.

Mobile video conferencing allows users to participate in video calls from just about anywhere in the world, providing there is an internet connection.

Anywhere on the desktop

Desktop video conferencing allows you to enjoy an HD experience directly from your laptop or your workstation desktop.

Supporting up to 1080p high definition video conferencing, desktop video conferencing allows you to truly harness the rich, visual communication that video conferencing provides.

When used on a laptop, you have a high definition mobile video conferencing solution that enables you to participate in video calls from the beach, the airport, the coffee shop or just about anywhere else.

Build better relationships

Anywhere is a great solution for enabling your entire staff to interact with each other on a higher level, be more productive and communicate more efficiently. More than this, though, it also enables you to reap these same benefits from your relationships with your customers, vendors, suppliers – or just about anyone you deal with.

Instead of relying on infrequent face-to-face meetings, by utilising a combination of a room-based or desktop video conferencing system in your office, and an Anywhere account for your customer, you can now afford to interact with your customer as often as you like, helping you not only be more productive but also build a better your relationship with your customer.

Whats included?

Each named account on our Anywhere service allows you to connect with multiple devices concurrently, enabling you to receive calls on any device, anywhere.

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