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Host Logic provides on-demand core video conferencing services to your end points without requiring you to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars up front on conference bridges, gatekeepers, recording servers and other core network elements.

In short, hosted video conferencing means that you pick and choose the services you need access to, and gain access to them on demand, giving you the services you require without the high cost of on- premises infrastructure.

Host Logic – how it works

The advantages of choosing the Host Logic service are many, and this option is ideal for any business looking to quickly establish a video conferencing presence without a major investment in in-house infrastructure

Instead of outlaying hundreds of thousands of dollars on conference bridges, gatekeepers, recording servers and other core network elements, Host Logic allows you to access the services that you require with a simply monthly access fee.

You don’t have to worry about deploying infrastructure into your network, or ongoing maintenance and control of the systems once they are deployed; we take care of the headaches allowing you to simply access the services when you need them.

Do you need to make a 4-way call once a month and a 10-way call once a year, but can’t justify purchasing a 12-port conference bridge (MCU)? Do you only need to record and stream meetings a handful of times in a year? Then our hosted video conference solution is for you. It allows you to access the resources you need when you need them without having to outlay for more capacity than you require.

Meeting your needs

Host Logic offers a suite of video conferencing services to provide you with access to best-of-breed services including:

  • HD call quality up to 1080p
  • Multiway calling up to 48 in a single call
  • Mobile devices access (iPhone, iPad, Android devices)
  • Desktop video
  • Secure firewall and NAT traversal
  • Simple, easy to remember global addressing
  • Recording and streaming

All these services and more are operated through our data centre environment with global access and connectivity.

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