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At Video Logic, we only sell the products that we have expert knowledge and understanding of. In most cases, we use the products every day in our own business and we are fully confident that they are as good as anything available on the market.

This means that you can rely on our advice and be confident that the video conferencing solutions we put forward will be the perfect fit for your business’s specific needs.

From point of sale, there is a six-week turnaround in setting up the complete end-to-end video conferencing solution, which is the industry standard. Some companies may promise you full solutions next week just to close the sale. We don’t operate that way, because it’s not good business.

Through our vast experience, we know all the variables and potential hold-ups, so we ensure your expectations are set correctly from the first contact. That’s why we’re convinced that you won’t find a better, more dependable video conference service provider than Video Logic.

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