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Business Video Conferencing

At Video Logic, we firmly believe that video conferencing is a great solution for all businesses.

Although we provide solutions to some of Australia’s biggest companies, as products become more affordable, more prevalent and easier to integrate into in-house systems, the argument to implement business video conferencing has never been stronger – no matter what size enterprise you’re involved with.

Whether you’re looking to set up video conferencing in a board room, executive suite, conference suite or home office we have a VC system option for you. And the reasons to do so are compelling.

Video conferencing – the benefits to your business


Business video conferencing is a great investment and can save thousands of dollars every year on travel expenses.

With option to suit a range of budgets, video conferencing is much more affordable than ever before, with the option to lease products as an operational expense rather than buy outright proving increasingly popular.

Relationship building and productivity

Nothing beats face-to-face contact, but business video conferencing is the next best thing. It frees you up to not only communicate more often, but more meaningfully.

Instead of flying to meet colleagues or clients twice a month, you can connect through a video conference as often as you like – increasing productivity, while reducing travel costs.

The real value of business video conferencing is that it provides a richer, visual communication experience that helps you really get to know the people at the other end of the line. And that’s what effective business is all about.


While traditionally business video conferencing has been used for intra-company communication, most of today’s systems are standards base and will allow interaction between them.
This opens up a world of opportunities as not only colleagues, but suppliers, service providers and customers become accessible through your in-house systems.
And with mobile and desktop-based video conferencing options increasingly accessible, we’re reaching the point where businesses will be able to use video as often and as easily as the telephone.

Instant Support

Through Video Logic‘s managed video conferencing service we can install and manage the whole process for you end to end, meaning you don’t need an IT team or in-house video conferencing expertise to feel the benefits.


Free voice-over IP services, such as Skype, are great for having a chat with friends and loved ones. But in terms of conducting serious business they can fall flat with sound and picture drop-out a common – and frustrating – occurrence.
With our business video conferencing systems and services you get rock-solid dependability. And with deals available for as little as $40 a month depending on your needs, a high-quality, reliable video conference facility can cost a lot less than you think.
Whether you’re a multi-national or SME, we can advise you on the best business video conferencing solutions for you. Call 1300 864 235 today.

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