Lifesize – a division of Logitech – is a world leader in high definition video conferencing systems, providing accessible solutions that are simple to buy, adopt, support and use.

Through our Expert Partner relationship with Lifesize, our customers can access the Lifesize 220 and Lifesize Icon series to participate in large multi-party HD calls, live streaming and recording of meetings, and collaboration on any mobile device, on any network, all at the highest level of quality.

Lifesize 220 Series

The Lifesize 220 Series, including Lifesize Room 220, Lifesize Room 220i, Lifesize Team 220 and Lifesize Express 220, offers the next generation of full HD video communications. With scalable options that bring a high quality, user-friendly experience to individuals and businesses alike, the 220 Series has shown millions of users what video communication is meant to be.

High quality HD experience

The Lifesize 220 Series boasts the highest available resolution, best motion handling and least latency on the HD video conferencing market today, offering natural, realistic interaction like you’ve never experienced over video before.

Intuitive to use

Not only does the Lifesize 220 Series of products offer the highest quality video conferencing experience available, but all LifeSize 220 products were designed with simplicity in mind and are intuitive to use. When interaction and data sharing must happen in real time, rest assured that a LifeSize 220 product will enable collaboration simply and quickly.


All products in the Lifesize 220 Series are interoperable with Microsoft Lync. The 220 Series is also interoperable with Lifesize Connections, enabling you to connect from a Mac or PC to a meeting room or conference room.


As a pioneer of HD video communication, Lifesize continues to strive to bring HD video conferencing to the mainstream. With offerings that cost roughly one-third the purchase price of competitive solutions, and even more savings throughout the life cycles of the products, the Lifesize 220 Series of video conferencing solutions boasts an effective return on your investment.

Lifesize Icon Series

The Lifesize Icon Series is a line of video systems designed to promote effective, face-to-face business discussions with your customers, partners, suppliers and colleagues.

Representing the culmination of years of innovation and purposeful design, the Lifesize Icon Series offers a radically simplified user experience to deliver frustration free video conferencing at an unbeatable value so you can focus on what matters the most – your business.

Your radically simplified video experience

Lifesize Icon systems are designed for a radically simplified user experience. Always know your schedule of video calls; get helpful reminders if you’re running late for a video conference; easily find and join conference calls with multiple individuals; quickly search for and find business contacts to collaborate with over video; and record and stream important discussions.

All these capabilities and more are easily available to you via the new user experience. And if you need more capabilities down the road, simply contact your IT support team to enable the features and applications you need. We have designed the Lifesize Icon Series for maximum simplicity, flexibility and value.

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